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Beauty and Functionality For Your Wheelchair Accessible Home

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Most home-owners do not renovate their home to make it more wheelchair accessible, unless they or their loved ones are directly affected by a mobility issue.  This means that more often than not, wheelchair users who are either purchasing a new home, or who have just developed a mobility disability due to an injury, disease, or other cause will likely have to invest in substantial renovations to their home.  But don’t be discouraged if you’re just looking at starting these types of renovations in your home – the professionals at Ottawa Home Improvements are here to lend their expertise to help you choose a design plan that will give your home both elegance and functionality.

Here are just two of the renovations that you can expect to implement to improve your family’s access to the different parts of your home.

Exterior Ramps

Ramps are there to help ease the transition from one elevation to the next and, in many cases, serve as a replacement for stairs.  According to, these should be firm structures, which rise gradually at a rate of 1:12 – or 1” rise for 12” of ramp and have at least 3’ of width. All of OHI’s ramps are built not only to standard, but with the goal of improving your home’s curb appeal.  When properly designed, these can be so elegant that they will make your friends wonder if they should install them as well!

Barrier-Free Doorways

The doorways in most homes are either too narrow to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers and strollers, or do not account for a wheelchair user’s limited range of motion in opening and closing doors.  Our experts do more than just widen frames and lower jambs: we can finish it all up with any number of elegant final touches that sacrifice neither functionality nor style.

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