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Don’t let spring rain on your parade – Inspect your foundation now!

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Spring is right around the corner. Normally this thought brings sighs of relief to us hardy Canadians, as we put yet another winter under our belts. Unfortunately, as some know all too well, the snows of winters past can come back to haunt us. How?

With the large snowfall we’ve received this year, the sudden thaw of spring can cause a lot of damage if we’re not prepared. Basement flooding is our number one concern this year. It’s important that you take steps now to ensure that your home and your belongings are protected from water damage. Have your foundation inspected. If you have noticed any visible cracks in your foundation, call a foundation specialist now to have the cracks repaired properly.  The hassle you will save yourself is worth it.

What if you are too late? A musty, damp basement is a sign of an underlying problem that may get worse. The sooner you address the issue, the better. And if your basement has already flooded, you will undoubtedly want to take action right away. It’s important that you look for a company that will address your foundation repairs with a long-term mindset, rather than so-called “band-aid” solutions. This is essential because cosmetic or quick fixes will not resolve potentially bigger problems such as structural concerns or continued leaking.

Invest in your foundation and your home now, and you will enjoy many dry springs in the years to come.