Renomark ™

As one of the most respected home renovation companies in Ottawa and a leader in the RenoMark™ Program, our customers trust us for their repairs and renovations and recommend us to family and friends.

We take our job as Ottawa’s most trusted renovator very seriously. That is why we take an active role as leaders in the Ottawa Renovators’ Council and RenoMark™.

RenoMark™ raises standards by requiring their members to engage in continuous learning to stay current with new building materials and practices. When a renovator enters the RenoMark™ program, they make a promise of excellence to you – and back it up with a legal contract. There are no loopholes, no surprises, no messing around.

When you hire a RenoMark™ registered renovator, you can be certain of excellence from start to finish. Renovators who sign up for the RenoMark™ program put their money and their reputations on the line. If they don’t live up to the program’s high standards, they’re out of the program, period.

Don’t just take our word for it. If you ask around, you will hear the same story we hear all the time from our happy customers. They tell their neighbours and the word’s out: if you’re going to renovate, don’t even think about cutting corners, because the risk is too great. Use a RenoMark™ renovator.

For more information visit the RenoMark™ website.