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Renovation Tips – Joe vs. Pro

Joe vs. ProProfessional home renovators are not just pros at home re-modelling projects, they also bring to the table other advantages such as business management skills, better customer service and advanced construction skills. Discussed below are the advantages of using professional home renovators. Contact us today for all your Ottawa home renovation needs.


Some of the main reasons for renovating or remodelling an existing home are adding new, upgraded features in tight spaces, building an addition in a strategic place, maximising the small, existing space and making do with limited budgets.

Professional home renovators have the creative vision to overcome these challenges in a skilful manner and meet the needs of their clients without going over budget. Their skills and vast experience as well as knowledge enable them to propose useful solutions that serve the dual purposes of aesthetics and functionality.


Professional and reputable remodellers have been in the business long enough to command a good will and reputation and their work comes with a valid warranty. Their hallmark is longevity and durability and these factors often score more than saving a few cents.

Surely, you don’t want your brand new cabinets to come apart and buckle within a month of installation!

Experience, Skill, Training

Renovating a home while successfully dealing with tough challenges and nasty surprises behind the walls takes experience, skill, expertise and extensive training. It also requires familiarity with home construction rules and regulations. These are some other reasons why smart homeowners settle for pros.

Business Management

Professional and reputable home renovators will provide warranties, proof of insurance and clear, written contracts. Fly-by-night contractors often shy away from these important basics.

Customer Service

Professional remodellers from reputable companies offer prompt customer service as well as customised solutions for your unique renovation needs. They will be around for you if you face any trouble with the renovations later on.

Other Advantages

The quality of work done by pros is impeccable and without any flaws. They also complete a project on time, can meet deadlines and ensure the safety of all concerned. The end result is several times better and more durable than the renovation job performed by handy men.


Hiring professional home renovators can be expensive, but the benefits outweigh this risk.

Advantages of Using a Handy Man

Getting a Joe to remodel your home has only one advantage – he comes cheap and will save you money in the short run.

Disadvantages of Using a Handyman

However, inexperienced, unskilled handymen can do an extremely shoddy job of renovating your house and may even damage existing features or plumbing works due to lack of skill. Not only will the quality of workmanship be poor, it may not last long and fall apart.

Handy men may also have trouble understanding your vision and may not be comfortable with remodelling tasks that are challenging, complex and require creative thinking.

Handy men may not always provide prompt customer service and complaint resolution. They may even run off with your money, leaving your work half done, if you unwittingly hire crooks.

The stylish home renovation tricks and trends that you see in home improvement magazines may daunt your handy man, and you would ultimately have to fall back on the expertise of skilled professionals.