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Ottawa Home Improvements: The One-Stop Accessibility Renovation Solution

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The following is an excerpt from an article which appeared in the print edition of the Ottawa Citizen’s Business Insider section on May 31, 2012.


Ottawa Home Improvements: The One-Stop Accessibility Renovation Solution

Specializing in accessibility renovations to enhance your lifestyle

Are you planning a remodel to enhance your home’s accessibility? Ottawa Home Improvements is a one-stop full service renovation company, based right here in Ottawa. Their team includes skilled architects, planners, designers, and exceptional craftsmen. Ottawa Home Improvements has done it all: from the one-week kitchen remodel to large customized projects and bespoke design. If you need help maximizing the space in your cozy kitchen or enhancing a kitchen, bathroom, basement, windows, roof, deck, fence, or interlock, they’ll take great care of you. The entire team is truly dedicated to providing an entirely stress-free renovation experience.

“We’re proud to serve Ottawa’s homeowners, and take the trust that they place in us very seriously,” says Emile Salem, Co-Owner of Ottawa Home Improvements. “We utilize state-of-the-art project management tools to make sure that your job starts and finishes on time, without exceeding budget. We also invest heavily in first-rate employees, so you have the best renovation experience possible.”

The team at Ottawa Home Improvements has a special focus on meeting the individual needs of people looking to improve their home’s accessibility. Emile and his team have worked with scores of seniors looking to stay in their home, and customers who have unique accessibility needs within their family. At the end of the day, their job isn’t done until the homeowners and their family can breathe a sigh of relief.

Ottawa Home Improvements provides for a growing segment of the renovations market by providing their own in-house specialists to assist with the planning and execution of projects like:

  • Door widening to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers
  • Space planning and optimal placement of grab bars and assist devices
  • Design and addition of roll-in showers, purpose-built fixtures, and slip-resistant flooring
  • Construction of universal design accessible ramps and transitions
  • Construction related modifications to allow independent living in the comfort of your own home

“The beauty of your home shouldn’t have to suffer with the addition of an exterior accessibility ramp,” says Teresa Manchester, Lead Designer & Estimator. “We don’t just consider the function, we also consider the form. Each home is different, and each exterior ramp needs to be approached differently. From a single ramp, double-back design, to innovative custom solutions, we find the exterior ramp solution that is right for you and your family.”

Ottawa Home Improvements is the leader in renovations that enhance clients’ quality of life. Their unique approach offers a complete solution for accessibility. They manage every aspect of improving the accessibility of the home, including the most precarious of areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Among the biggest barriers to accessibility are doorways that are too narrow to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers and strollers. Ottawa Home Improvements can offer an aesthetically pleasing solution to your doorway difficulties. Not only do they widen doorframes and lower the jambs, but can also produce elegant, appealing options for finishing.

Whether your solution includes larger swinging doors or automatic opening devices, there is no need to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality.

“Our in-house designers can help determine a plan that will meet your needs, without taking away from the elegance of your home. Our accessibility renovations are completely customized – from slip-resistant flooring, roll-up appliances, to the best placement of grab bars and safety devices. Absolutely every angle is considered,” says Teresa. “Each step of the way — from planning, right through to renovations and clean up — we work hard to make it the most stress-free renovation you’ll ever have.”

Why Choose Ottawa Home Improvements?

The skilled craftsmen at Ottawa Home Improvements take exceptional pride in their work. From design through to completion, every detail is handled with the care you’d expect from a first class renovations company. At Ottawa Home Improvements, they use only leading quality products – thus ensuring that projects are built to last. Customer service at Ottawa Home Improvements is based on the personal touch, and is largely what their reputation and the loyalty of their long-standing customers is built upon.

“We manage the process of renovating your home in a transparent and organized fashion, which keeps you informed and the projects efficient at every step,” says Emile. “Home additions in particular require a certain sensitivity to preserving what is good in the existing structure, matching where appropriate, and blending in the new work, so that the home is enhanced. It’s a team effort, with architects, builders, and clients joining forces to take something a bit worn and turn it into something fresh and wonderful.

Ottawa Home Improvements is a registered member of RenoMark™. The RenoMark™ mark helps to build trust between contractors and homeowners by raising construction standards through the requirement that their members engage in continuous learning, to stay up-to-date with new building materials and techniques. When a renovator enters the RenoMark™ program, they make a promise of excellence to their customers — and back it up with a legal contract. Ottawa Home Improvements is also a proud member of several upstanding professional associations, including the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association, the Ottawa Foundation Association, the Renovators’ Association of Ontario, the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau.

“Regardless of the size of project, we apply the same care to each home we renovate. It’s this care for quality of service and craftsmanship that separates us from our competition,” says Ray Bryant, Co-Owner of Ottawa Home Improvements.

Ottawa Home Improvements is located at 69 Jamie Avenue, near the intersection of West Hunt Club and Merivale Road. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with emergency service available 24/7. For more information call 613.231.4400 or visit