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Charitable Project: Ottawa Neighbourhood Services

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Ottawa Home Improvements staff standing in front of the Dovercourt Community CentreOttawa Home Improvements is proud to support Ottawa Neighbourhood Services through the donation of a kiosk at the Dovercourt Community Centre. Working with Patricia Lemieux and her team was a truly gratifying experience for all of us.

From Ms Lemieux at ONS:


Dear Emile,

On behalf of Ottawa Neighbourhood Services (ONS), I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for your overwhelming generosity in donating the labour necessary for the materialization of ONS’s drop off box at the Dovercourt Community Centre.

Thanks to your donation of labour, you made it possible for ONS and city employees to work together to ensure the continuing intake of donations from Ottawa residents wishing to support the good works of ONS.

As you might already know, Ottawa Neighbourhood Service (ONS) has been serving the needs of the Ottawa community for 78 years. We are the only independent, Ottawa-based, non-denominational charity in Ottawa. We are fortunate to have contributed to the well-being of hundreds of thousands of Ottawa residents over the last three-quarters of a century who have turned to ONS to meet their daily needs — whether it is to clothe themselves, their children, or outfit their home. We have also trained countless numbers of individuals for re-integration into the working world, have partnered with Ottawa agencies to meet the needs of families in crisis, and have answered the needs of fire/crisis victims by ensuring that tragedies are mitigated through ONS donations.

In conclusion, while we work hard to ensure that resident of our community have access to daily needs at economical prices, we couldn’t do it without the help of individuals such as you. To more fully acknowledge your generosity to ONS, we will feature the installation of the Dovercourt drop-off cabana in our annual magazine and will highlight the good work of donors, such as yourself, in the article.

Again, a sincere thank you for helping us make life easier, not just for our clients, but for our donors and driver volunteers as well.

Yours sincerely,

Patricia Lemieux
Ottawa Neighbourhood Services

August 13, 2008